Raazi film did not do justice to my book ‘Calling Sehmat’ : Harinder Sikka

Lucknow: Alia Bhatt starrer ‘Raazi’ has been made on Harinder Sikka’s book ‘Calling Sehmat’, which was also liked by the audience. In the session “Yatharth or Kalpana ka Saath ” at the ongoing Dainik Jagran Samvadi at the Bharatendu Natya Academy,Lucknow , Harinder Sikka said that the Raazi film did not do justice to his book Calling Sehmat a spy thriller novel written in 2008 .

He said, “The way in the book, the story ends by agreeing to salute the tricolor. If the film had the same ending, the film would have won the National Award.” I had already told the director that you have stop the film to get national award by cutting the tricolor scene in the film. Though this was done by the wishes of the filmmakers, but I still have a resentment over it.

Further Harinder Sikka said that ‘I was a person who had never written a book but’ my first book Calling Sehmat sold 5 lakh copies. Sehmat taught me how to live. We very easily paint a Kashmiri Muslim with the same brush, saying that Kashmiris are terrorists. We have to understand that which mother would want her son to carry a stone in her hand. Terrorism was being funded there for so many years. But there is also Sehmat like Kashmiri who gave up his entire family for the country. Much has changed since the abrogation of Article 370. My next book is Section 370, whose inspiration is also Sehmat ,he added

In the end the author said “ The way the world’s greatest author, Jeffrey Archer, praised the book that was a big compliment of my life.