Raipur : Youth fascinated by traditional musical instruments : Musical Instruments such as Runju, Dafra, Todi, Kododka, Kopibaja, Baans Baja, Khallar

Raipur: Various folk musical instruments are drawing attention and interest of youth at National Tribal Dance Fest. These folk musical instruments are prominently used in traditional folk dances and social events. This dance fest has turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for youth to connect with their culture. At the photo exhibition put up by Public Relations Department at National Tribal Dance Fest, pictures of various traditional musical instruments such as Farakka, Sarangi, Chikara, Runju, Mandri, Mridang, Dafra, Nagada, Todi, Kododaka, Chhadi,Kopibaja, Baans Baja, Khallar, Hir Nang, Tamboora, Dafra, Munda Baja, Kuturgi, Chatka, Gujri, Charhe, Thodka, Hulki, Khankhana, Bana, Nakdevan, Khajeri, Turra, Mohri, Gatka have been displayed.

At the exhibition, visitor Mr. Rituraj of village Sirri district Dhamtari said that the exhibition is extremely informative. One gets the glimpse of tribal traditions and natural beauty of Bastar at this exhibition. First year student of Abhanpur College Mr. Gopal Sahu also praised the photo exhibition put up by Public Relations Department. The exhibition not only portrays the flora and fauna of Chhattisgarh but also gives the glimpses of traditional festivals, memoir of Gandhi Ji’s Chhattisgarh tour, freedom fighters o Chhattisgarh. Pictures depicting natural resources of Chhattisgarh and the tourist destinations here at the exhibition are likely to promote tourism in the state. This exhibition would be held till December 29 Sunday.