Rajkamal Prakashan celebrates 70 years in publishing

New Delhi: Rajkamal Prakashan Samuh celebrated its 70th Foundation Day on 28th February, 2019, in a unique manner with a talk termed as “Voice of Future” at India International center in New Delhi. A talk that would reflects the thoughts about promising future actions in a voracious and powerful manner.

In the light of 70th Foundation Day celebration, Rajkamal Prakashan also proposed an optimistic platform “Voice of Future” to mark the occasion. For the next five years, Rajkamal Prakashan will create the ‘Voice of Future’ platform for cross-discussion and brainstorming on various topics related to books, writers, and society at large and bridge the gap between these. So as to together find new possibilities and direction.

Keeping the “Voice of Future” in mind the talk was addressed by Vineet kumar, Anuj Lugun, Sayema, Anil Ahuja, Anita Anand, Gaurav Solanki and Anil Yadav on various different topics.

Talking on the occasion Ashok Maheshwari, Managing Director Rajkamal Prakashan Samuh said “In our 70th year, we are deeply committed to our responsibilities towards book writers and readers. Our loyalty and dedication towards Hindi language and society will remain our utmost priority. We are ready for the future with the present”

Satyanand Nirupam Editorial director Rajkamal Prakashan said “Rajkamal’s 70-year journey is a history of the support of writers and readers with a publisher. It has been possible only with a conscious sense of continuous quality and transparency. In the coming year, we will give proper place; appropriate respect to literatures of Hindi language, without them, Hindi cannot go far away”.

Talking on the issue of women’s life beyond literature Ankita Anand an independent journalist-writer-poet said “The women I am talking about are those who already have ambition, determination and courage. But those who get support from their families are let down by the state or the administration. And those who find opportunities are held back by their society. Our intent is not so pure, our egos not so small, for these institutions to stop blocking the paths of these women, so that they can have their rights and keep going on their journeys. And if this attitude does not change then even if women have to distant themselves further from the family and society they would do so. They would sow the seeds of their unedited identities on the land they have claimed.”

R j Sayema host of Purani Jeans’ show on Radio Mirchi, 98.3 talking on the issue of Citizenship of Languages said “One should respect its language and culture then only we will progress, become modern and by doing so we will be able to provide true justice to our language”. She further said congratulating Rajkamal on completing 70 years that “It should consider these 70 years as the early days as there is still a long way to go”.

Rajkamal Prakashan was established in 1947 and in this seven decade it has published literary geniuses of our times. Rajkamal catalogue includes thousands of books in 21 genre, under 45 different subjects and translated works from over 25 Indian languages

Vineet Kumar an author/writer expressing his views on Future readers said “Despite having immense information in the form of apps, readers will always require books to relive themselves for a short period of time form their daily life stress. They will be equipped with active information on different mediums and will be very clear about their needs and utility in books. In future, books will be used as a therapy and will be recommended by of the doctors.”

Anil Kumar Yadav author of a nomadic nature, an ardent traveller and Independent Journalist, talking on the topic The life we don’t live and future presumptions said “In the Hindi we write these days, do we also think in Hindi, or dream in that same language? If we will not think in our own language, we will not dream of how future tones will be born. For the voice of the future, the foundation of the present is strong and it is very necessary”.

Anuj Lugun a poet by heart and an active voice for Adivasi’s talking on Adivasi Literature – Directions and Possibilities said ““There is a long history of writing tribal literature, it is being written in its native languages for a very long time. 21st Century tribal literature is coming out in front of us as a consultation. Today the tribal community is expressing cultural interfering. Firstly, in literature where romantic portrayals of the tribal society were now, it is now struggling for its identity and existence by entering into reality. It is presenting criticism of today’s alleged civilization, raising questions on their life-style. This writing of tribal literature should be seen in the larger Indian and global context”.

Anil Ahuja a designer for the newspapers, media organisations and publishing houses talking on the topic of Visual Explosion in our present times and Future of Cover Design said “The new phase of the publishing world is technically spectacular, so in this sense, the publication of the world is far behind from the technical vision of the western publication. And if the Indian publishing world is to be developed in the coming time, then the new dimensions of the publishing world will also have to be developed”.

Gaurav Solanki an Indian Fiction writer, poet, screenwriter and lyricist talking on Story, Medium and its Future said “The role of artificial intelligence can be very important and interesting in future fiction writing. It can become a companion to writers and even the opponent. And whosoever can bring such changes in the way of writing, and then the future bestseller or the books which are appreciated in the past will be completely different from today”.