Rajkamal Prakashan embarks on a new journey, beginning with Old Delhi, in collaboration with Delhi Police


• Pustak-Mitr Abhiyan to be launched on Rajkamal’s 74th Foundation Day.
• The initiative will begin from Daryaganj Police Station, Delhi-2, on Sunday.

New Delhi : On the occasion of its 74th Foundation Day, RajkamalPrakashan is launching the “Pustak-Mitr Abhiyan”. The first leg of the Abhiyan, “Chalein Gyan ki Or”, will be organised with the collaboration of the Daryaganj Police Station, Delhi-2, on Sunday, 28 February 2021.

For the past two years, Rajkamal Prakashan has run a programme called “Bhavishya ke Swar” [Voices of the Future] which has given a platform to 14 talented and promising young people to share their visionary ideas. Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic the“Bhavishya Ke Swar”programme has been remodeled for future readers.

As it enters its 75th year, the publishing house has introduced the “Pustak-Mitr Abhiyan”in an ongoing effort to encourage the culture of reading. Scheduled to begin on the afternoon of 28 February 2021with the collaboration of Daryaganj Police Station, Delhi-2, the programme will begin with the distribution of children’s literature, biographies and other interesting titles to select Child Rehabilitation centres and their respective study circles. The event will conclude with the distribution of books among Delhi Police personnel at the Daryaganj Police station.

Announcing the initiative, Rajkamal Prakshan’s Managing Director Ashok Maheshwari said, “Our primary motto is to deliver good books to every section of society. We are making sincere efforts in order to boost the culture of reading. The Pustak-Mitr Abhiyan is a positive effort in that direction.”

Mr.Maheshwari further said, “During this pandemic, we have come to realise the importance of books. Not only did books help people deal with isolation, they also helped many through depression and anxiety. Books have played a creative and effective role in these times. We are committed to reaching out to largestnumbers of people.”

‎Daryaganj SHO Sanjay Kumar, who has been instrumental in taking forward the first step of the Pustak-Mitr Abhiyan said, literary books not only give relief in a stressful life but also make us aware of our culture. He said, this initiative of Rajkamal Prakashan is certainly very praiseworthy.


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