Rajkamal Prakashan Group launches new initiative—‘Kitabteras’

• The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of the publishing industry: Ashok Maheshwari

• Celebrate the festive season with your favourite authors and loved ones by gifting books

• Rajkamal Prakashan offers discounts up to 30% on 50 specially curated book sets covering a range of topics

New Delhi: The festive season is here. Dhanteras and Diwali are occasions for making gifts and wishing prosperity to each other, a gesture of courtesy and goodwill. The gifting of gold or silver coins, dry fruits or sweets, utensils, etc., on Diwali is an age-old practice. Such presents symbolize prosperity. But no prosperity is complete without wisdom and knowledge. These are enduring treasures and book their source.

Prominent Hindi publisher Rajkamal Prakashan Group has taken the lead in this new initiative—‘Kitabteras’, a humble appeal to our patrons. Rajkamal’s editorial team has put together 50 sets of vibrant books covering a wide range of topics. Readers may choose among these based on their interests and those of their friends and family. Not only will online purchases make transactions safer, they would go a long way in supporting those associated with book publishing during this pandemic.

While the current situation has limited the space for literary books, such texts undeniably play an important role in fostering an educated society and nation. We encourage readers, on this auspicious occasion, to make gifts of these curated sets of books to family, friends, and neighbours.

Ashok Maheshwari, Managing Director of Rajkamal Prakashan Group, had this to say on the introduction of this initiative: “The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all businesses—small or big—and people associated with them. It hasn’t spared publishing either. The normal perception of book publishing is that only the publisher and writer run the show, when in fact it is a community of various talented professionals besides them—editors, copy-editors, proofreaders, translators, compositors, cover designers, paper vendors, printers, press operators, binders, among others that constitute the ecosystem. The Covid-19 crisis has affected the entire chain. Your Kitabteras celebration would give strength to all.”

Ashok Maheshwari further requested the publishing fraternity to come together and launch similar initiatives for their readers. In the absence of institutional support to the industry, he requests patrons to celebrate ‘Kitabteras’ with us.

Visit Rajkamal Prakashan Group website for book details: www.rajkamalbooks.in