Ramoji Krian Universe, a New-Age Institute for Creative Career: A Fresh Destination for Youth Today


Bhubaneswar: Just in case somebody aspires to be a filmmaker or a designer or an actor, she or he need not look any further. Hyderabad based world’s largest integrated film studio Ramoji Film City (RFC), which has been at the very forefront of the Indian celluloid industry, has now taken it upon itself to create future professionals for the country’s showbiz. Ramoji Krian Universe (RKU), a proposed state private university and a joint venture between RFC and Krian Media Ltd. is all set to be the game changer in academics. With a host of industry-trained mentors and an enviable infrastructure, RKU stands miles ahead of its competitors.

“Creative careers are fast emerging to be viable and widely accepted careers, be they in media, design, art and films. So the idea of RKU is uniquely different because we are trying to create a perfect blend of theory and practice. The learners after learning the concepts will immediately apply the same in the professional world,” opined Prof. Ujjwal Chowdhury, Diector, Ramoji Krian Universe, Hyderabad. The RKU is currently being led by the Prof. Chowdhury, who has been instrumental in reshaping the landscape of media education in the country.

It comes as no surprise that RFC has come out with such an innovative concept considering its unblemished record of successfully experimenting with some of the craziest ideas in the world of Indian films and television. RKU is currently offering a bunch of industry-oriented courses in the challenging domains of media, design, art and management. From filmmaking to animation, from journalism to content development, from acting to cinematography, from graphics to VFX and from corporate communication to advertising – RKU boasts of catering to the needs of all and sundry. The courses have been designed not only to orient the prospective learners for the industry but also to prepare them for higher studies in the concerned fields.

“India is currently on the threshold as far as the fields of media, design and entertainment are concerned. And creative careers have now a direction of certainty with industry and the unique institute is here to join hands with the young and energetic aspirants,” said Dr. Kaushik Dutta Sharma, Associate Professor, Ramoji Krian Universe.

With an eco-friendly campus, RKU provides the perfect ambience for an effective education. Additionally, it has a hospital-medical college approach where students learn and work at the same time in the same campus. The distinctive approach is where half a day is spent in classroom teaching through workshops and practical sessions while the other half is used for live projects by the students. The institute has also close tie-ups with media organizations thereby providing the learners a pronounced insight into the practices followed in the professional world.

“We invite the young generation of our country and beyond, who dream for a unique, experimental and creative career in this professional world. Ramoji Krian Universe is a destination for all of them and they must not refuse to avail this robust opportunity,” called Prof. Ujjwal Chowdhury, Diector, Ramoji Krian Universe.