RATNAV is celebrating a Three Day Rang Utsav organized at The Shri Ram Center

· Ramgarh Ki Katha-The story of 'Ramgarh', and how the merchant ruled city was born · Roop Vidroop -The pain and Triumph of female acid attack victims will be depicted through the dance of kathak by Padma Shri Shovana Narayan · Lallan MS-The Story of a Transgender who fought for education of children and challenged the discrimination and stereotypes of the society in the play 'Lallan Miss' · The plays will be staged from 1st to 3rd September at Shri Ram Center Mandi House from 6:30 PM. · This time, eminent playwrights Shri Mohan Maharishi and Anjula Maharishi have been selected for RATNAV Rang Puraskar, given for their lifelong dedication to the stage.


New Delhi: For the first time in the history of Delhi, theater lovers will witness three plays, written, directed, acted and performed by a female playwright, that directly question the problems women face in modern day society. The Rang Utsav embraces burning themes through theater, and will be a new and unique experiment. The three day  Rang-Utsav organized by Rama Theater Natya Vidya Sanstha (RATNAV) will be organized from 1st September to 3rd September at Shri Ram Center in Mandi House.

The three plays, written, directed and starring renowned theater artist, Rama Pandey, will be staged at 6:30 pm at Shri Ram Centre, Mandi House. Ramgarh Ki Katha will be staged on 1st September, Roop Vidroop on 2nd September and Lallan Miss on 3rd September.

The play ‘Ramgarh Ki Katha’, which will be staged in RATNAV Rang Utsav, is itself a wonderful story of the incredible  heritage of the ancient city of Ramgarh, such a story that has never been seen or heard before.This play is the story of a city in Rajasthan, which was settled by the Merchants and ruled by Merchants. Where their word was  law  and their power was absolute and at par with the king.

The second play  ‘Roop Vidroop’ is a slap on the face of Azad Hindustan because such violent incidents are happening with women even today. This play touches on the painful subject of acid attack, and salutes the courage of those women to live life . This is the first time that a violent and painful subject like acid attacks is being written and performed through song and drama. Padma Shri Kathak dancer Shovana Narayan’s emotional dance performance along with the writing and direction of noted actress and writer Rama Pandey is spell binding .

The third and final play ‘Lallan Miss’ is based on the real-life story of a eunuch who breaks down the walls of social prejudice and builds a school for slum children, so that they can have a better ‘future’. A 44 year old transgender known as Lallan Hijra built this school in Patna. Despite threats from the land mafia, he still wanted to run the school. After 15 years of running the school, Lallan started receiving threats from the land mafia to get the school vacated and later the school was burnt down by the land mafia. Despite this, Lallan tries to rebuild the school in collaboration with other active participants in the area.

Rama Pandey says, ‘Ratnav Rang Utsav is my resolve in which I have tried to leave a deep impact on the audience by mixing together the rich colorful traditions of India. This time we have made these three plays to communicate directly with the audience on women-based issues,  all the plays openly communicate with the present society on the important issues of the consciousness of women’s social behavior for women by women. ‘

Abhijit Awasthi, Founder Sideway Consulting said, “Sideway is committed to helping to preserve and promote the various forms of Indian art and theater and their practitioners. RATNAV is doing remarkable work in this area, and that too on socially relevant, women-centric topics.

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