RCUK Office in India essay competition

Should Indian academics publish in national and international journals? Is using a citation index the best way of measuring research quality in India? Are there other ways of measuring research quality unique to India?

The Research Councils Office in India welcomes applications to Phase 1 of its Essay Competition. Applications are due 14 May, 2010.

In order to better understand how research quality is measured the RCUK Office in India has initiated an essay competition on the topic of measuring research quality India. Indian researchers, academics or those with strong knowledge of the field are invited to propose an essay outline on this topic. One successful applicant will be invited to submit a full 3000 word essay for publication and will receive a prize of 3,50,000 rupees. The winning essay will be published on the RCUK India website, and other suitable locations.

Areas which the essay should consider include:

* the value, strengths and weaknesses of citation indices in an Indian context
* why academics do or do not publish in peer reviewed national and international journals
* other ways of measuring research quality that are, or could be, used in India
* the value, strengths and weaknesses of these other methods
* incentives to undertake these ‘other’ methods, and
* an understanding of measuring Indian research quality in an international context

The competition is only open to those based in India.

All applicants are encouraged to read the guidance notes BEFORE completing an application form in English.