Recently commissioned Oxygen plant in GMC Rajouri emerges as boon for COVID patients

Rajouri: In these tough times of Covid pandemic, the recently commissioned oxygen plant in Government Medical College Rajouri has emerged as the biggest support to the Corona patients of the district saving them from facing numerous hardships on this account.

In this regard, the contribution of those manning the whole supply system in the plant is fairly appreciable who are working relentlessly to ensure that all the needy patients get this vital supply in time and their precious lives are saved to the optimum.

Rakesh Kumar, who is one of such dedicated worker in this recently commissioned plant in GMC Rajouri, stated that “It is getting quite hectic these days but I do not think much about it. My job and commitment as well here is to ensure that there should be no dearth of Oxygen in the hospital and hence that is the only thing I am obsessed with these days. ”

The newly set up Oxygen concentrator plant at GMC Rajouri is proving to be life saver as it is sufficient to cater to the requirements of oxygen in the district. Earlier, the district had to depend upon Jammu for the medical oxygen supply. Now with the technological backing and high morale of people like Rakesh Kumar, GMC Rajouri is catering to the requirements of people without any trouble.

A number of employees have been deployed in the GMC to keep the plant functional as the plant is not automatic and needs manpower for its operation. These employees are working 24/7 without caring for their own lives to ensure that assured supply of medical oxygen is maintained for the COVID patients who are completely dependent on oxygen at this time.

“Working to give a little of my contribution towards saving the precious human lives from Corona virus gives me feeling of immense satisfaction and it is matter of pride for me that I have been provided an opportunity to work for the humanity amid this pandemic”, Rakesh Kumar added.

When asked about his family, he told that he keeps a distance from his children and old age parents. It was three weeks ago that they all sat and had their meal together. He leaves for his job after waving hands from a distance to them. But he went on to say that this is a temporary phase we will emerge victorious in this battle against Covid-19.

Another worker Showket Ali said, ” This tough time is just like litmus test for all of us and we all need to work collectively to fight this invisible enemy of mankind and make serious efforts to mitigate the pandemic in the district.”