Recruitment of a Consultant to Coordinate the Implementation of a Regional and National Skills Competition in The Gambia

The Gambia Labour Force Survey (GLFS 2018) indicates that The Gambia has a very high youth unemployment rate estimated at 56% (of the total youth population of 377,326). The basis for this situation is the lack of readiness of the youth to be gainfully employed because of their lack of skills or because their skills are not appropriate for graduates to effectively participate in the evolving labour market. The inadequate visibility of and poor perception of Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) is another key factor in the low participation of the youth in this sector.

Aware that the provision of quality and relevant TVET is one of the most effective ways for poverty alleviation and youth empowerment, The Government of The Gambia now prioritizes the expansion of this sector through the implementation of diverse strategies including Skills Competitions (the National Development Plan 2018–2021). Within the framework of this plan, The Government of The Gambia and UNESCO are collaborating through the project ‘Youth Empowerment through Technical and Vocational Education and Training in The Gambia’, financed by the Korean Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

In the context of this project, UNESCO is supporting The Gambia through the implementation of an activity consisting of the celebration of a series of Regional Skills Competitions (RSC) and a National Skills Competition (NSC) in The Gambia, which will focus on promoting TVET skills in the country. Previous skills competitions in The Gambia have been constrained by factors such as inadequate access to funding, poor coordination of events, inability to mobilize highly competent trainers, limited public outreach resulting in limited public awareness and low participation, low morale of volunteers, failure to meet international standards and limited access to raw materials, equipment and facilities. The activity described in this ToR is expected to address these concerns.

UNESCO is hiring a consultant to coordinate and provide both technical and organisational support in the design and implementation of a series of Regional Skills Competitions (RSC) that will take place in November 2020 and to give solid orientations and prepare documentations, partnerships and administrative arrangements that will allow for a National Skills Competition (NSC) to take place in 2021.

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