Regional competition “Legends of Sambo”

A traditional tournament was held in memory of the founder of the Karelian sambo school, honored coach of Russia Ilya Romanovich Shegelman, who brought up a whole galaxy of outstanding athletes and coaches, including world, European, USSR and Russian champions.
About two hundred sambists from Petrozavodsk, districts of Karelia, Moscow, Vologda and the Murmansk region took part in the competition.

The tournament is part of the series of competitions “Sambo Legends. Beginning” among sambo wrestlers born in 2006-2008 and 2009-2011.

The tournament was held at a high organizational level, and the Karelian sambists showed excellent tactical and technical training. The national team of the Republic of Karelia confidently won the first place in the team competition, the team from Moscow became the silver medalist of the tournament, and the sambo wrestlers from the Murmansk region got the bronze medal.

The tournament has once again proved how strong are the traditions of the Sambo School in the Republic of Karelia! INthe world famous Karelian Sambo School, numbering thousands of students, was founded by Ilya Romanovich Shegelman. As a coach of the highest category, the coach of the national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the president of the Karelian Sambo and Judo Wrestling Federation, he educated and trained more than 200 champions of Karelia in sambo, judo and hand-to-hand fighting, his students repeatedly became world, European and Russian champions.


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