Register to participate in the All-Russian competition “Your Move”!

On Russia Day, June 12, 2021, registration of participants in the All-Russian Student Competition “Your Hike” – a new project of the presidential platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” will be completed. More than 500 thousand Russian students have already joined the competition in two months.
Petrozavodsk State University is one of the 20 leading regions, registered participants. But students still have time to register, to join our team and compete for prizes, showing their capabilities, “pumping” their skills, generating their daring ideas. “Your move” can become a platform for your professional future,

– says the vice-rector for educational and educational work of PetrSU Vasily Katarov.

The All-Russian student competition “Your Move” is being held for the first time. Registration of participants started on April 8, 2021 on website and will end on Russia Day, which is celebrated on June 12. Students of any university in Russia can apply and join educational and thematic events. Undergraduate and specialty students of the non-graduated semester will compete for the main prizes.

Every person should have a chance for success, especially young people who yearn for self-realization and love to be at the forefront . The modern digital generation is quite pragmatic and pretentious, has career aspirations, and is focused on professional achievements. And “Your Move” is an excellent motivational project, it pushes you to solve professional problems, constantly learn, “pump” your skills, be creative, generate new ideas, captivate others with your own project, spark yourself, create something new, have a positive impact, perform a technological breakthrough in many areas is a mega-challenge to oneself,

– says Olga Khomushku, rector of Tuva State University (Kyzyl) .

The “Your Move” competition is a platform where I can realize my full potential. A platform where I am not afraid to make mistakes, where I want not to work, but to create. I am especially glad that I can create a project not alone, but with a team of the same enthusiastic people. I know that their shoulder, like mine, will become a reliable support in our joint development. “Your Move” is not just a competition, but a whole ecosystem of people willing to take risks and create. And there are no losers here

– said the Ambassador of the contest “Your X odes” Andrew Rubakov from Moscow.

In June, students will have to choose the direction of participation in the competition in their personal account. A total of 11 of them were proposed – from sports and volunteerism to business development and high-tech industries. In the introductory video reviews, specialists will talk about the current situation in the stated industries, challenges and development tasks, professional roles and competencies that are necessary for success. Thus, students will be able to assess the potential of a particular area and form their preferences. Partners of directions, including the state corporation “Rosatom”, PJSC “Norilsk Nickel” and Russian Railways, will help the participants of “Tvoy Khod” to make their final decisions. They will present a more detailed course, with full immersion in the subject matter. The organizers note that students can try their hand at any field, not even corresponding to the main specialization of training. At the same time, the guys themselves decide: to develop in one or in several directions of the “Your Move” competition.

The “Your Move” competition is an opportunity to try yourself in something new or to strengthen your knowledge in the direction in which you have been working for a long time. This is a huge space of opportunities, where each student will find his own path for self-realization. I made my move to win the main prize of 2.5 million for the development of our academy! My team is working on creating a project in the direction of the “Create New” competition. We are confident that we will be able to improve our skills and will try to make our project the best,

– considers the ambassador of the competition “Your Move” Valeria Petrenko from Kaluga.

Participants of “Your Khod” are presented with 11 directions for development, among which you can choose exactly those that inspire you. This project opens up new opportunities for creativity and helps to shape citizenship. This approach, in my opinion, is the undoubted value of the competition,

– says the rector of the Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk) Maxim Rumyantsev .

In addition to passing tests on personal development and immersion in directions, at the first stage, students were able to win many prizes from sponsors and partners. Every two weeks themed sprints are held for the contestants of “Your Move”, the participants of which receive competitive points and gifts. Thus, students have already won vouchers to the Vostochny cosmodrome (Amur Region) and a folklore military-historical festival dedicated to the Battle of the Neva (St. Petersburg), certificates for sports equipment and popular e-book subscriptions.

Studentship is a golden age for many people. Now every day, every action, every step is new opportunities for the formation and development of a personality, and the “Your Move” competition accumulates and multiplies all this. Every day I receive questions from students and as an ambassador, I am very pleased to see sincere interest and enthusiasm in the eyes of young people. I wish the participants not to be afraid of new heights! Already at the first stages of the competition, everyone will understand what a valuable gift he has received, ”

– said the Ambassador of the contest “Your X odes” Elmaddin Guliyev from the Moscow region.

“Your Move” is a platform on which everyone can build a vector of their development in order to become the best version of themselves. But the main thing is that participation in the competition will help everyone build a successful professional future. I am sure that many students of our country will dare to make their move,

– noted the ambassador of the competition “Your Move” Galina Vlasova from Magnitogorsk.

The organizers of the All-Russian competition “Your Hod” are ANO “Russia – the country of opportunities” and the National League of Student Clubs with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, Rosmolodezh and Rosturizm. The competition is held for students of higher educational institutions of Russia with the aim of developing professional competencies, leadership qualities, creative and scientific potential of young people.

The initiative to hold a competition for students was supported by the President of Russia, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the ANO “Russia – a Land of Opportunities” Vladimir Putin on March 26 at the second meeting of the Supervisory Board. The idea of ​​launching the competition was announced by the winner of the All-Russian competition “Big Change” Ivan Shishkin.

Information sheet:

The autonomous non-profit organization (ANO) “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” was created on the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The key goals of the organization are: creating conditions for increasing social mobility, ensuring personal and professional self-realization of citizens, as well as creating effective social lifts in Russia. The supervisory board of the ANO “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” is chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

ANO “Russia – Land of Opportunities” is developing a platform of the same name, uniting 26 projects: management competition “Leaders of Russia”, competition “Leaders of Russia. Politics”, student Olympiad “I am a professional”, competition “Your Move”, international competition “My first business “, the All-Russian competition” Big Change “, the All-Russian project” Career Time “, the” TopBlog “project, the” Professional Internships 2.0 “project, the” Cultural Code “project, the” Russian Student Spring “festival, the All-Russian competition” Masters of Hospitality “,” Grant Competition youth initiatives “, the Digital Breakthrough competition, the Teacher of the Future professional competition, the Best Social Project of the Year competition,All-Russian project “RDS – Territory of Self-Government”, competitions in professional skills among people with disabilities “Abilympix”, All-Russian youth management cup “Drive!” , All-Russian competition “League of counselors”, competition “My country – my Russia”, international engineering championship “CASE-IN”, “Olympiad of the NTI.Junior circle movement”.WorldSkills Russia movement, Dream with Me charity project, League of Leaders All-Russian competition, My Country – My Russia competition, CASE-IN international engineering championship, NTI.Junior Circle Movement Olympiad.WorldSkills Russia movement, Dream with Me charity project, League of Leaders All-Russian competition, My Country – My Russia competition, CASE-IN international engineering championship, NTI.Junior Circle Movement Olympiad.

As part of the activities of the ANO “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” in February 2019, an educational center was created – the Management Workshop “Senezh”. Participants of projects and competitions of the platform, active youth, as well as managers and civil servants are trained in it. The workshop acts as a platform for various educational and youth forums, including the “Territory of Meanings” forum.