Registration for D-ART- The First-Ever Common Entrance Exam for NON-STEM Courses Commences from today

New Delhi: DALHAM Foundation, an independent not-for-profit social enterprise, announced the registration for the First Common Entrance Exam for NON-STEM Courses which commences from today. Students appearing for class 12th board exams in 2020 can get themselves enrolled for D-ART examination between 25th Nov to 30th Dec 2019 by logging on to

D-ART Examination has been conceptualized by Dr Indira Parikh (Former Founder President of FLAME University and Former Dean of IIM-Ahmedabad) and Mr. Shekhar Bhattacharjee, Founder & CEO, Great Place to Study.

With D-ART examination, students can apply in over 40 leading institutions like Pearl Academy, Chitkara University, CODE-VGU, UID, GD Goenka University, JD Institute of Fashion and Technology, NSHM, Sri Sri University, Jagran Lakecity University, Mody University, Khyati School of Design etc. Students applying for D-ART exam will have access to over 250 undergraduate Non-STEM programs with the DALHAM Assessment Rating Tool (D-ART). The assessment is a two-part combination of Offline and Online Modes with more than 30 test centres already operational across major Tier 1 & 2 cities in India.

Speaking on the occasion, DALHAM’s Founder, Dr. Indira Parikh, said, “Being a part of some of the best institutions, I have seen many students struggle in their career when it comes to Creative and Liberal education. In a highly competitive world, there is a necessity for every student to step up at each level of life and lead in their respective careers. Our focus is to prepare young minds to have a creative thought-process and knowledge of factual realities of the country. The idea is to increase the importance of our cultural wisdom and heritage, not judge and evaluate the country in the comparative frame of the west. Through D-ART entrance exam, we hope to bring a transformative change and help students build a better career.”

Unlike existing assessment models which examine a students’ problem-solving skills with a strong focus on curriculum-based questions, the D-ART exam measures a host of additional competencies such as contextual awareness, visualization, emotional responses, thematic aptitude, among others to give assessors a more holistic evaluation model. D-ART not only focuses on the domain expertise of the student but also on the overall human development of an individual. D-ART is designed in a unique way to help students realise their natural strengths and innate abilities thereby helping them to recognise and understand their passion to set off on a path towards a promising career. D-ART measures all competencies which have never been measured together through HUMAN FACTOR and KNOWLEDGE VALIDATION.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Shekhar A Bhattacharjee, Founder Trustee, DALHAM Foundation, said, “The first of its kind examination which opens multiple avenues in Design, Arts, Liberal Arts, Humanities, Architecture and Media. It helps the students to opt for the right course by exploring a child’s thought process and opinions on a range of subjects enabling them to discover their passion. . Engaging students around Non-STEM programs would play a crucial role in advancing the Indian education system and multiplying career opportunities for youth. DALHAM believes in the measures which allow students to experiment and explore beyond STEM structure of education.”

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