Registration for the historical quiz of the competition “Man in the Humanitarian Space”

History buffs are invited to participate in the history quiz, which will be held remotely this year.
Acceptance of applications until March 1, 2021

The main idea of ​​the quiz is to find, understand and show the meaning of a person, his essence in the humanitarian space, namely in the events of history as: a person as its participant, witness and subject of activity.

The quiz will contain 10 questions.

All questions will concern the European North, but in the context of all-Russian history.

The format of the questions will assume an exact answer, but to identify the winners, the completeness of the answer, the speed of its submission to the competition, as well as the information resource (name of the site, book where the answer was found) will be taken into account.

The organizers of the quiz are interested in learning the level of knowledge of the history of their own land by schoolchildren, so one of the questions will concern the history of our land (possibly, the family), so that the student can demonstrate the ability to compare micro and macro historical processes.

More information about the “History Quiz” can be found in the competition section .

The event is organized within the framework of career guidance and the Development Program of the flagship university and is supported by the Office of Pre-University and Career Guidance.

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