Released Ocean Literacy for All Toolkit in Italian on World Oceans Day

The ocean is a source of food, energy, raw materials, minerals and, more and more frequently, innovative drugs. And not only does it regulate the earth climate but it also hosts the greatest diversity of living beings and ecosystems, while providing economic, social and aesthetic services to all humanity. Knowing and understanding the influence of the ocean on us and our influence on the ocean becomes, hence, fundamental for living and acting in a sustainable way. This is the essence of Ocean Literacy!
Today, 8 June, is a special occasion as we celebrate World Oceans Day established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2008. The UNESCO Regional Office for Science and Culture in Europe celebrates, together with the Italian National Commission for UNESCO celebrates this day with the launch of the publication entitled “Ocean Literacy for All – Practical Kit” in Italian.

The publication, originally published in English in 2017, aims to provide educators and students around the world with innovative tools, resources and methods for understanding the complex processes and functions of the ocean and highlighting the most urgent problems.

Climate change, as high temperatures and sea level rise are taking place at a much faster pace than previously thought, the increase in CO2 concentration is causing a decrease in pH with harmful consequences on unique ecosystems such as coral reefs. Plastic, with over 8.3 million tons of plastic waste are spilled into the sea every year.

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