Reliance-backed Fynd Announces Fynd Academy to equip engineers with in demand programming skills

Mumbai: Technology is evolving and creating new-age jobs that demand unique skillsets. But the engineering education curriculum does not go beyond basic programming languages resulting in a scarcity of skilled talent. According to industry estimates, around 15 lakh engineers graduate every year in India. But the fact is that tech companies are struggling to find skilled engineers to fill open positions.


Fynd, a Mumbai-based tech company, has found a unique solution to this disparity. To help graduates build in-demand skills and be job-ready, Fynd has announced a coding program, Fynd Academy. The Fynd Academy program is led and built by engineers working on the latest technologies at Fynd.


The program equips engineering graduates with the right mindset and coding skills, giving them the confidence to build and innovate products smartly. Here’s how it works: applicants register for the desired course, and if selected, attempt the entrance exam. Based on the results, shortlisted candidates join as Interns with the potential for a full-time position.


“At Fynd, we are looking to hire 100+ engineers this year. In our experience, many candidates appear qualified on paper but lack practical skills and the right mindset. It is why we developed Fynd Academy, an intensive training program, that equips engineers everywhere with relevant skills that launch and advance their career”, Farooq Adam.


Covid-19 has accelerated the pace of technology and digital transformation. Tech job seekers will now have more employment opportunities than before. However, these candidates will have to display the readiness to learn new skills and build knowledge about advanced technologies in the market. A program like Fynd Academy gives them a launchpad to kickstart their careers. The focus on learning advanced programming and its project-based application sets the program apart. Coding schools usually charge upwards of Rs.25000 as tuition fees. However, instead of charging fees, Fynd Academy offers selected candidates a stipend for the internship duration.


The 10-week program includes online classroom learning with hands-on training and live projects. The candidates who excel in the program will be offered a full-time position with the company. Registrations are now open on the Fynd Academy website –, and the Entrance Exam takes place on 14th March’2021.


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