Relief Commissioner visits migrant camps reviews preparations

Jammu: Relief & Rehabilitation Commissioner (Migrant) Jammu T K Bhat along with, Assistant Commissioner Relief, Renu Kumari, Assistant Director Planning Rajneesh Kapoor, Executive Engineer, Girdhari Lal, visited various migrant camps to review the prevailing situation due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).
The officers visited various migrant camps including Purkhoo, Muthi, Butta, Nagar Nagrota, Mini Township Jagti.
The camp commandants along with the Engineering staff of all these camps were present on duty and briefed visiting officers about the various steps being taken to ensure that the essential supplies like Food Grains, Water, Electricity, and Sanitation are being provided to all the camp inmates residing in these camps.
During the visit, it was noticed with great pleasure that depot holders at Mini Township Jagti were providing food grains to the inmates in a very scientific manner even in this lock down situation. The sanitation agencies were directed to ensure round the clock sanitation and cleanliness in all the camps. It was further directed to ensure fumigation at all the camp location is done for safety of camp inmates. They were also directed to make use of all disinfectants, so that the cleanliness and sanitation of highest order is maintained.
All the Camp Commandants were also directed to remain vigilant and keep a close contact with these camp inmates, so that any difficulty faced by the inmates during the lock down period is mitigated on time. Attention of all the camp inmates was also invited to various notifications/advisories issued by the Government in view of lock down in whole of Union Territory of J&K and the last one issued by Chairperson, District Disaster Management Authority (District Magistrate Jammu) under section 34 of National Disaster Management Act, 2005 for maintenance of social distancing by way of not allowing gathering of group of three or more peoples at any place and come out from their homes only to procure essential commodities for consumption in the immediate vicinity.
All the camp inmates in all the six camps were also requested to extend all cooperation in adhering to various advisories issued by the Government in general and the latest Furthermore, All the Medical Officers of these migrant camps were also requested to remain available in their respective camps, so that any possible eventuality is addressed in time.