REMI partners with Ganpat University to offer exclusive Real Estate Based Education in Ahmedabad

Mumbai: The Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) in collaboration with Ganpat University has expanded its presence across India with a center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. REMI is a leading institute in Real Estate education and has since its inception in Mumbai responded to the industry’s requirements with its highly relevant certification programs, executive courses and customized training workshops designed exclusively for the real estate sector. REMI’s programs have been successful with students, real estate professionals, brokers and developers across the industry.

REMI’s expansion into Gujarat is a big step in the right direction keeping in mind the growing relevance, the changing landscape of the real estate sector in India and the increasing opportunities that the State offers. The partnership between REMI and Ganpat University aligns the premise of both institutions to offer ‘industry oriented’ programs to students and professionals. This expansion also falls in line with REMI’s vision of ‘Skilling India to Build India’. REMI’s courses and workshops like the Real Estate Business Management and Housing Finance Certification (BMF 201), the Owner-Developer Program (ODP 301), the Broker certification (BCP 201), along with workshops and seminars will soon be offered in Gujarat as a result of this association.
On this occasion, Shubika Bilkha, Business Head, The Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) stated, “We are very excited to partner with Ganpat University as exclusive collaborators offering uniquely designed real estate programs in Ahmedabad. As this industry witnesses diverse challenges that beckon a bright future, we at REMI are suitably poised to respond with our training programs and courses facilitating careers in this emerging field. The association between Ganpat University and REMI fits in perfectly with our vision to ‘Skill India to Build India’ through programs and partnerships that promote industry development in real estate pan India.”

“With supportive policy initiatives by the Govt. and the considerable infusion of the quality funding, the Real Estate sector will continue to be one of the most potential sectors – today and tomorrow. This association with REMI will significantly enable us in our contribution, as a University, in preparing skilled talents for real estate.”
Dr. Mahendra Sharma – Director General (Vice Chancellor), Ganpat University
“We feel excited and equally responsible for launching none-of-the-kind programmes in Gujarat, in association with REMI, focusing on real estate. We believe that it will extend greater learning opportunities to the candidates aspiring to become a Subject Matter Expert and build a well-laid career in this sector.”
Prof. Rajen Purohit – Chairperson, Ganpat University – Centre for Continuing Education