Renowned Author Vasant Kallola unveils new book ‘CHIRANJIVI-The Beginning’


Mumbai : The author National Best Seller, ‘It’s Okay To Fail, My Son’, Mr. Vasant Kallola launched his new book ‘CHIRANJIVI-The Beginning’.

Set in the backdrop of War of Mahabharata, ‘CHIRANJIVI’ tells an interesting story of a sage who had been living through the curse of Shri Krishna. He was living a miserable life with a permanent wound on his forehead that constantly oozed blood and pus. Life was hell for him.

Walkers would change their paths if they saw sage coming their way. The pain and the sufferings were unbearable for him. But, still, he was living with it, somehow, till one day when an insult unleashed gave way to his suppressed pain and agony. The rage was so high that, he decided to annihilate the earth.

The book was unveiled by Mr. Mayur Puri, a renowned writer, lyricist and film director of Bollywood on Tuesday, 26th February 2019 in Mumbai. Mayur has penned the script and written lyrics for several films including ‘Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi hai’(2002), ‘Dhoom'(2004), ‘Om Shanti Om'(2007) and many more.

Highlighting the book, Author, Vasant Kallola said, “’CHIRANJIVI, The Beginning will give new reading experience to the readers by taking them to the post-Mahabharata era. It highlights the power of a resolve of a common man against the might of a powerful sage. It leads today’s youth towards the belief that, if a man decides to fight the odd, no one can stop him even the death.”

Speaking at the launch, Chief Guest Mr. Mayur Puri said, “I find Vasant Kallola’s ‘CHIRANJIVI, The Beginning, quite interesting for the fact that it makes the reader live in a time period 4000 years from now. I belong to the film industry and I found reading the book pleasurable because it gave me an experience like watching a movie. The story idea of the fight of a common man, Govind with a mighty sage, who cannot even be touched by human beings, left me with a lot of curiosity about how Govind would overcome such a big limitation! And despite my busy schedule, I was riveted to the book till the last page. I am sure readers will enjoy reading this book.’