Renowned professionals recruited to teach on UCL’s new MBA

UCL Global Business School for Health (UCL GBSH) welcomes a number of prolific academics, business specialists, and healthcare experts to deliver teaching on their new UCL MBA Health programme.


Among them is Chris Outram, successful strategist and visiting professor for the UCL MBA Health. Credited as the visionary behind the new school, Outram realised that health was absorbing more and more GDP around the world, so pitched an idea for a new business school focused on health to UCL. The aim of UCL GBSH is to create a more focused understanding of the business imperative in regards to healthcare, and to train a group of leaders to have a positive impact on this area.


No stranger to UCL, David Probert is CEO of University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and previously laid the foundations for Oriel, an eye-care research centre in partnerships with UCL. Joining as an honorary professor, Probert says,


An MBA is fantastic in the breadth it gives you in terms of learning. For those committed to healthcare development, an MBA in healthcare is game-changing as it allows you to have that breadth but also maintain your focus and direction on the area you know is critical moving forward.”


Dr. Wendy Purcell, visiting professor with UCL GBSH, focuses her research on environmental health. She will be joining the UCL MBA Health as a visiting professor and believes it is vitally important for business programmes to start focusing on healthcare, as the MBA in Health will be doing; not just offering health electives within an MBA.


Another visiting professor, Mark Britnell, Senior Partner at KPMG and global healthcare expert, masterminded the largest new hospital build in NHS history. In regards to what graduates of this MBA can achieve, Britnell says,


All of life and death is in healthcare, and all industries flow into and out of healthcare. We’d expect everyone on this course to make an active contribution to society, develop themselves professionally, and to stretch themselves personally as well.”


The diversity of experience, knowledge, and topics these academics and experts have expertise in will be of great benefit to students embarking on this new programme.


The new health-focused UCL MBA Health programme, due to start in September 2022, is currently accepting applications.