ReReeti and CENTA open up the world of museums for teachers!

ReReeti Foundation and CENTA have come together to offer a three-part short module aimed at showcasing the resources of museums and how school teachers across India can utilise their educational resources in their classrooms. The course, titled ‘Museums – A Teachers Tool’, is aimed at K-12 school teachers from across India.

From the course, teachers can expect to learn about the different museums in India, the various theories that can be applied to museum aided learning, and essential methods to extend learning from museums to classrooms. The highly interactive sessions will feature games and activities that can be replicated in the classroom as well as a cohort of practical tips and insights to how museum trips and resources can assist in learning across subject-lines.

In Session 1, teachers will become familiar with what museums are really, and their purpose in society, and role in learning through participant-led discussions and reflections. Teachers will also have a chance to find out about the wide variety of museums found in India and how these can feature in your classroom teachings.

In Session 2, teachers will discover the various theories that are applicable to learning in museums, and how these can be applied successfully through different methods and also in online learning. The session will include games and activities to keep teachers engaged, and they can take these experiences forward in their individual classrooms as well.

In Session 3, teachers will receive practical tips and insights into working with museums and museum educators to make their class trips to the museums successful. This will include discussions and reflections by teachers themselves, and the facilitators will highlight essential methods to extend learning from museums to their classrooms.

The first session will take place on the evenings of 28th June followed by two more sessions on the 1st and 5th July. The sessions are to be held online and will be facilitated by Garima Sharma who leads the education programming at ReReeti Foundation. Having graduated from the New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development her interests and professional experience revolve around instructional design for informal learning spaces and content development for children and young people. Garima is curious about ways that science and social studies can come together to make learning more relevant and experiential for young learners.

“Museums can add so much value to a teacher’s classroom beyond a simple class trip, through this module we hope to show teachers how they can enrich their courses and utilise the educational resources of a variety of museums in India.” adds Garima Sharma, facilitator of the module.

The course will be held on 28th June, 1st and 5th July online between 5 and 6:30PM for teachers from across India who will receive a 25% discount upon registration at the link below.

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