Research Council: new divisional president and nine new members

As of January 2021, Laura Bernardi will preside over the Humanities and Social Sciences division of the National Research Council of the SNSF.

The National Research Council evaluates the project proposals submitted by researchers in Switzerland and selects the best ones for funding. The Council comprises a maximum of 100 leading researchers. New members are elected by the Executive Committee of the Foundation Council of the SNSF.

New member of the Presiding Board:

  • Laura Bernardi, University of Lausanne; she takes over from Ola Söderström as president of the Humanities and Social Sciences division (as of 1 January 2021).

New members of the Research Council:

Humanities and Social Sciences division

  • Birgit Watzke, University of Zurich, for clinical psychology (as of 1 April 2021)
  • Frank Schimmelfennig, ETH Zurich, for political science (as of 1 April 2021)
  • Julia Eckert, University of Bern, for ethnology and human geography (as of 1 April 2021)

They replace Franz Caspar (clinical psychology), Ioannis Papadopoulos (political science) and Ola Söderström (ethnology, human geography).

Mathematics, Natural and Environmental Sciences division

  • Fabrizio Grandoni, USI and SUPSI, for theoretical computer science (as of 1 April 2021)
  • Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, University of Fribourg, for applied computer science (as of 1 April 2021)
  • Anne-Marie Kermarrec, EPF Lausanne, for technical computer science (as of 1 April 2021)
  • Manfred Fiebig, ETH Zurich, for experimental condensed matter physics (as of 1 April 2021)
  • Ravit Helled, University of Zurich, for astrophysics (as of 1 April 2021)
  • Bettina Schaefli, University of Bern, for environmental and engineering sciences (as of 1 October 2021)

They replace Arjen K. Lenstra (theoretical computer science), Oscar Nierstrasz (applied computer science), Lothar Thiele (technical computer science), David Andrew Barry (environmental and engineering sciences), Alberto Morpurgo (experimental condensed matter physics) and Ruth Durrer (astrophysics).

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