Research of four ILR professors featured

The August issue of the ILR Review features articles on tech work, European co-determination, unions, employer strategies, immigration and Chinese migrant workers. also It includes articles coauthored by Associate Professor Adam Seth Litwin, Research Professor Ian Greer, Associate Professor John McCarthy and Associate Professor JR Keller.

In A Forum on Emerging Technologies, Litwin and his coauthors introduce a forum composed of five industry studies that examine the drivers and impact of recent and impending technological change.

Greer coauthors the paper, Recentralizing Industrial Relations? Local Unions and the Politics of Insourcing in Three North American Automakers, which explores how the auto industry’s 2008 crises reversed the trend of outsourcing by the Detroit Three automakers.

How Managerial Openness to Voice Shapes Internal Attraction: Evidence from United States School Systems, coauthored by McCarthy and Keller, empirically demonstrates that managers who are more open to employee voice also more effectively attract workers from other units in their organizations.