Research of predicted staffing needs in the Arctic economy

The forecast was compiled by specialists from Petrozavodsk State University in cooperation with the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after MV Lomonosov by order of the agency.
New investment projects, as well as the development of existing production facilities, will create 182.4 thousand jobs in the Arctic zone of Russia by 2035.

New jobs are created in such sectors of the economy as mining (76.4 thousand), manufacturing (40.4 thousand), construction (25.3 thousand), transportation and storage (16 thousand) new workers places.

It is predicted that from 2021 the Arctic will additionally require several tens of thousands of workers annually: in 2024 this need will amount to 73.8 thousand, in 2035 – 66.5 thousand workers. One third of them are specialists with higher education, almost half are mid-level specialists, including skilled workers and employees, and a fifth is unskilled labor. At the same time, a shortage of personnel can be traced on the territory of all 74 Arctic municipalities, already today they have to resort to the involvement of shift workers. If their number in 2019 was 207 thousand people, then by 2035, if all the projects announced within the framework of the study are implemented in the required volume, they may already be 460 thousand people.

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