Research work on the impact of intelligent control systems on the productivity of forestry machines

At the Department of Transport and Technological Machines and Equipment of the ILGSN, research work (R&D) is being carried out to study the performance of John Deere machines equipped with an intelligent manipulator control system IBC (Intellegent Boom Control).
Research is carried out in close cooperation with Traktorodetal Group and John Deere (Russia). In mid-August, planned trips to the Muezersky district took place to carry out field research in the cutting area. Information was collected on the features of the JohnDeere 1270G harvester and JohnDeere 1510G forwarder equipped with an intelligent manipulator control system. At this stage, researchers from the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences A.A. Seliverstov, Yu.V. Sukhanov and A.P. Sokolov. A survey was also conducted among the operators working on these machines about the new capabilities of the harvester and forwarder working with the IBC system.
The research results will be included in educational programs for advanced training developed within the framework of the project of the Russia-Finland cross-border cooperation program ENI Karelia “Promotion of small and medium-sized businesses in the forestry sector between Karelia in Russia and Finland” and implemented in the IHSN Competence Center .


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