Research work with schoolchildren at the Physics and Technology Institute


During the first semester of the year, schoolchildren of Petrozavodsk, under the guidance of teachers from the Physics and Technology Institute, carried out research work.
Since September, the students of the Lyceum No. 40 have started to implement research work within the framework of project activities at the school. Topics were chosen to study the structure of various types of amber, as well as eye quartz. With the transition to distance learning, the work did not stop, but continued in the form of lectures and practical exercises on Zoom from the Academic Laboratory of X-ray Structural Analysis and Computer Modeling of the Department of Solid State Physics of the Physicotechnical Institute, Associate Professor D.V. Loginov. The lectures were also attended by students of the Petrozavodsk Presidential Cadet School.

The guys were engaged in a project – the development of a wireless transmission system of electrical energy based on connected circuits. In the laboratory, he was made a schematic diagram of the device, a printed circuit board, and accessories. The guys are assembling the device at home. The process is supervised by the associate professor of the Department of Electronics and Power Engineering A.S. Shelestov.

All students are planning to attend conferences.