Reshaping our digital ecosystem: towards a new age of empowerment through information as a public good

Reshaping our digital ecosystem: towards a new age of empowerment through Information as a public good will be at the center of an international symposium held both online and at the French National Assembly in Paris on Thursday, 21 October 2021.
The open (see links below) public symposium, will examine core questions: Will the impact of digital technologies bring positive change rather than harm for individuals and societies worldwide? Will we be able to harness technologies to enhance individual and collective capacities to act, and to support collective deliberation?

Co-organized by UNESCO, the think tank and action lab #Leplusimportant and the TESaCo project of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, four round tables will explore the following themes:

Regaining control of our attention to promote the ability to think for ourselves: towards a more virtuous economy of attention?
Empowering workers: towards a responsible AI at work and algorithmic management?
Protecting democracy in the digital age: How to preserve public space and collective deliberation on the Internet?
What digital culture to foster autonomy and the full development of children’s and young people’s capacities?
The symposium will cover perspectives, ideas, global solutions and will focus on concrete proposals from experts and field actors from various backgrounds, including public and private decision-makers, economic managers, public and private leaders and field practitioners from all continents.