Resilient students finally get to celebrate drive thru graduation at Canadian International School

Bangalore: With true innovative spirit, and to celebrate the achievements of their resilient students, Canadian International School hosted a drive thru graduation for its Grade 12th students today. The event was held at the CIS campus in Yelahanka and was organized to celebrate this momentous academic occasion while at the same time keeping Covid-19 norms in mind. Students donned their traditional graduation gowns and caps and then participated in the procession of cars before receiving their diplomas in the safety of their vehicles. Graduates and parents were thrilled to receive their diplomas and graduation packets before they left for University in just a few short weeks. The CIS Class of 2021 truly won 2021 through their tenacity and persistence throughout a difficult academic year due to the impact of the worldwide pandemic.


“It was a prestigious moment for me considering the fact that due to the pandemic it was difficult for me to remain hopeful, yet CIS helped me realize that they are there for me and will support me throughout the journey. It was an exhilarating moment and was a memorable good-bye.” said Swapnasha, IB Graduate.


“It was definitely a great experience to come back and relive the memories of the past six years as I visited campus and embark on my university journey.” said Yash, IB Graduate.


“We were so thrilled to be able to host this drive thru graduation event for our graduates today. They showed amazing dedication to their academics and resilience during this unprecedented year and we wanted to celebrate their accomplishments and spirit.” said Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School.

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