Resource Center Kathua hosts online event to mark conclusion of Surya Namaskar campaign


KATHUA : District Resource Center Kathua hosted an online event to mark the conclusion of Surya Namaskar campaign held across the country under Prime Minister’s FIT INDIA movement. The Surya Namaskar event was organized by the Government of India at the national level which began from January 1, 2022 and lasted for 38 days and concluded on February 7, 2022.

The main objective of the event was introduction of yoga at school levels to fill the body and mind of students with positive energy and improve their mental as well as physical health in the testing times of ongoing pandemic.

Also, it once again strengthened the world-wide belief of Bharat being the Yoga Guru.

The President of the District Resource Center (DRC) of Kathua, Pavan Vivek, took this initiative at district level and with close co-ordination of Chief Education Officer, P.L.Thapa, the practice was successfully implemented in all the schools of the district.

Yoga activities were performed in the schools of the district under the FIT INDIA movement during these 38 days. The concluding event of the program was also largely successful which was organised as a two-day event on 6th and 7th February 2022.

The event was attended by Joint Director of Directorate Education Department, Jammu Division, Hemraj Pakhru, Divisional Nodal Officer Govind Sharma, Chief Education Officer Kathua, PL Thapa, DRG Pavan Vivek, Ravi Kumar and Suresh Gupta from Indian Institute of Yoga and other dignitaries and educationists.

In the function, the full routine of Surya Namaskar was performed in all schools of the district & collaborated on Zoom virtual platform by DRC, Kathua.

Regional Nodal Officer, Sutinder Gupta guided the attendees about Surya Namaskar & performed the full routine prescribed for eleven times with great expertise.

The routine of Surya Namaskar consists of 12 asanas. Sutinder Gupta led the activity on both the days. He also briefly explained the name of each asana and its benefits. He also shared that people can develop strong mental & physical abilities by making Surya Namaskar as a part of daily routine.

Sushma Singh from Indian Institute of Yoga was also associated with the valedictory program. Nodal officer for district Kathua Rajiv Kumar also contributed in the event.

The principals, head teachers, teachers and students associated with the program evinced great enthusiasm.

Technical Assistant of (DRC) Kathua Deepak Sharma also played a key role in the event. DICC Monika Khosla presented the vote of thanks to all attendees.

The program was anchored by Anita Pangotra, Master, High School Logate & ably coordinated by Anita Pangotra, Manish Kashyap , Vikas Malpotra, Satish Chandel.


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