Results of introductory classroom hours in schools

During the first autumn months, Yu.V. Semenova held vocational guidance meetings with high school students.
The final events before the school holidays were held in secondary school No. 29 and in the educational institution “Lomonosov gymnasium”.

At the beginning of each meeting, Yu.V. Semenova acquainted the eleventh graders with the results of the admission to PetrSU of the graduates of this school this year.

Thus, 10 people from school No. 29 entered our first year of study, who now study at the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism (“Hotel Business”), the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences (“Historical and Cultural Tourism”, ” History of the Nordic Countries “), the Medical Institute (” General Medicine “), the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology (” Education in the subject area Technology and additional education in the field of arts and crafts “,” Fine Arts and World Artistic Culture “), Physics the Technical Institute (“Electric Power and Heat Power Engineering”), the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies (“Mathematics”), the Institute of Economics and Law (“Jurisprudence”).

The freshmen who graduated this year from the Lomonosov gymnasium of the city became 20 people, they are now students of the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences (“Geology”, “Landscape Architecture”), the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology (“Design”), the Institute of Philology (” Journalism “), the Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agrotechnology (” Animal Science “), the Medical Institute (” General Medicine “,” Pediatrics “), the Institute of Economics and Law (” Management “,” Jurisprudence “), the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism (“Tourism”, “Adaptive physical culture”), Foreign languages ​​(“German and English”).

During the class hours, the children learned about the possibilities of studying at PetrSU, scholarship programs, student leisure, sports and creative teams.

Yu.V. Semenova emphasizes:

Now schools are going on holidays, and after the holidays we all hope to continue full-time studies and are always ready to take part in such career guidance events and meetings with high school students in their educational organizations. Moreover, since November 1, the admission rules and information about the admission campaign 2022 will be published on the PetrSU website, and this means that there will be other topics for speeches in front of high school students.

We also invite all eleventh graders and their parents in advance to the PetrSU Open Day, which will be held online and will be held on December 11!

Eleventh graders and teachers from Novaya Vilga, MOU “Lyceum No. 13” and MOU “Secondary School No. 5 named after General VA Frolov”, MOU “Secondary School No. 10 with in-depth study of subjects of the humanitarian profile named after A. .S. Pushkin “, MOU” Lyceum №1 “, MOU” Lyceum №40 “.

The event was prepared and carried out by the Office of Pre-University and Career Guidance within the framework of the career guidance work of the university with the support of educational organizations.