Results of the PetrSU national athletics team

On March 8, the PetrSU track and field athletics team returned to Petrozavodsk, which took part in the student championship of Russia in Yaroslavl.
The PetrSU team took part in races at different distances, shot put, high jump and relay. The prizes were taken by pushers Alexandra Aksentyeva (coach Andrey Moruev) and Vladislav Bosonogov (IFKSiT) .

High jump athlete Anastasia Kuivonen became fifth with a result of 165 cm.Zoya

Kiseleva (60 m, 200 m) competed at the running distances – she made her way to the semifinals at a distance of 60 m, Ekaterina Kurash (400 m, 800 m), Ekaterina Skripkina (2000 m s / n – 5th place, 3000 m), Ekaterina Bogatyreva (60, 60 m s / b), Sergey Dmitriev and Valentin Grishin (60 m, 200 m).

And also a team of girls competed in the 4×200 m relay.