Results of the “Unknown Karelia” competition for PetrSU students

The winter stage of the competition of video projects among PetrSU students “Unknown Karelia” has come to an end. From October 2020 to March 1 of this year, the author’s video projects on the themes “Unknown Karelia”, “Forgotten crafts” within the framework of the year of folk crafts, “National cuisine of the peoples of Karelia”, “Preservation of the linguistic heritage of Karelia” were accepted. Having passed the jury’s evaluation selection, the best projects were published on the Youtube channel of the competition.
Projects were evaluated according to 4 main criteria:

originality (an interesting and creative approach to the presentation of the material, the originality of the text and video sequence is at least 60%);
content (disclosure of the declared topic within the chosen direction and genre, clarity of structure, consistency, consistency of key theses and statements);
foreign language (literacy, adherence to language norms, a variety of lexical content, pronunciation and intonation);
audiovisual solution (author’s video only).
The organizers of the project – teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Humanities of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​(O. M. Sherekhova, T. M. Tatarina, L. N. Yusupova) – summed up the results of the competition.

The winners of the winter session of the projects are:

in the nomination “National Cuisine of the Peoples of Karelia” , genre: “Information Video”: Ekaterina Nikulina , Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences, “International Relations”, 2nd year, with the project “National Cuisine of Karelians”.
in the nomination “National cuisine of the peoples of Karelia” , genre: “Video blog, master class”: Veronika Ponomareva and Vladislav Kondratyev , Institute of Economics and Law, “Financial Management”, 2nd year, with the project ” How to cook a traditional Karelian gate “.
in the category “Unknown Karelia” , genre: “Information video”: Ekaterina Bazhenova , Institute of Economics and Law, “Economics”, 1st year, with the project “My favorite land – Valdai “.
Filming videos dedicated to their native land, the project participants describe its unknown and unexplored places, reveal the unique features of national traditions and customs, focusing on how interesting and attractive our republic is for both local residents and its guests.

The competition continues. The next stage of the competition is spring, projects are accepted until June 1, 2021.