Reuzegom case: KU Leuven is conducting new disciplinary procedures based on elements unknown at the time of the initial procedures and hopes for a serene course of action

The Reuzegom tragedy and student Sanda Dia’s death have deeply shocked us all. No disciplinary or judicial procedure can undo his death and bring Sanda back. Nevertheless, such procedures matter to many members of the University community and beyond. KU Leuven understands that recent media reports raise questions about those procedures, but emphasises that the current disciplinary proceedings have not yet been concluded.

After gaining access to the criminal file, KU Leuven conducted a new disciplinary investigation, which established that the file contains several elements that were previously unknown to the University. Next, on the basis of these elements, the University launched new disciplinary procedures against seven students who were involved in the incident and who are currently enrolled at the University. These new procedures only take into account new elements that have not yet been assessed. In 2019, KU Leuven also conducted a disciplinary investigation into the Reuzegom initiation ritual that took place in Vorselaar on 5 December 2018. This investigation also led to disciplinary proceedings that were carried out based on the information that was available at the time.

The new disciplinary procedures have not yet been concluded. Sanctions were imposed, but the students involved have appealed to the Executive Board of the University. KU Leuven considers it important and hopes that the procedures can continue to be carried out correctly and serenely in this phase as well. That is why the University will not offer any further comments on the case beyond this statement.

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