Reverie launches Anuvadak- a unified platform to publish and manage website in any language

● Reverie’s Anuvadak supports all languages and is currently focused on Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Assamese, Odia, and Punjabi.

New Delhi: Reverie Language Technologies, leaders in comprehensive full-stack Indic language localization and user engagement solutions announces the launch of Anuvadak, a platform to publish and manage website in any language. With the launch of Anuvadak, Reverie looks forward to tap into the USD 500 million website localisation market.

India is a country of 1.33 billion, with a 70% literacy rate. Out of these 70% literates, only 10% are English literates; Anuvadak was built keeping in mind that websites in English are not enough to reach out to the 90% language literate populace of the country. Businesses aspire to tap the 536 million Indian-language internet users, but when it comes to building websites in Indian languages there is a resistance either due to dearth of resources or time. Anuvadak is a one stop platform which can help businesses localise through a unified single click platform. Anuvadak can scale down the website localisation time by 40% and can save as much as 60% of the localisation and content management costs.

A company’s website is the primary source for communication, discovery and end user engagement. It is also imperative that a website is discoverable in the customer’s preferred Indian language. Anuvadak takes away the technical complexities in localising a website, helping businesses to easily manage all the localized content in one place, making localized websites as easily scalable as the source English website.

Commenting on the launch of Anuvadak, Arvind Pani, CEO and Co-founder Reverie Language Technologies said “As we emphasize on Vocal About Local, it is imperative that businesses are empowered with the right tools to reach out to Bharat. Anuvadak is one such endeavor to tap into the potential 536 million Indian-language internet users. As Reverie strives to build an internet for India, Anuvadak will go a long way in building an inclusive internet.”

Traditionally website localisation and content management in Indian language comprises of these five processes that are time consuming:

● Extracting content from the source English website.

● Maintaining an excel sheet of all the English content which needs to be converted.

● Deploying and hosting websites in each Indian language on different servers.

● Once the website is hosted, the localised content needs to be updated in each of the individual websites.

● Going live with these multilingual websites and manage SEO for each website.

Any changes in the source English website will have to go through the same long drawn process.

Anuvadak as a platform automates repetitive tasks involved in translating, hosting, and scaling content for localized websites. Managing localized content, website, and tracking the progress is made seamless via a simple user dashboard. This not only reduces the time taken to go live with multi-lingual websites but also significantly reduces the costs.

Anuvadak’s unique proposition

● Machine Translation that comes from Reverie’s decade old expertise in Indian language technologies, can be added to Anuvadak.

● Anuvadak’s integration with AI-enabled translation platform reduces the website translation time to one third of the time taken to traditionally translate content in Indian languages.

● With Reverie’s own proprietary Indic fonts built-in, content created through Anuvadak is visually more appealing.

● Unlike on-demand Indic language plug-ins, Anuvadak helps build Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enabled websites in Indian languages, which means that a company’s localised website will start showing up in search queries as more and more Indians will be searching in their own language.

How Anuvadak works

Anuvadak extracts English content and translates it via either machine or humans. Post translation, the content is automatically published on a multi-lingual website. Simultaneously, it is hosted on the web servers and as any new content on the source English website is appended, the new content post-translation is automatically reflected on localized websites.

Anuvadak’s launch was also marked by a panel discussion on “Language Challenges that Businesses Face.” It was moderated by Upendra Namburi, CEO Ideaearth, and had R Ramathan CEO and Co-Founder Inthree Access Services (BoonBox) , Mekin Maheshwari , Founder of Udhyam Learning Foundation and Arvind Pani as panelists. They discussed about:

● Why is it important to reach out to Non-English language customers in their business?

● The challenges businesses face while trying to communicate in native languages.

● With the increasing popularity of #VocalAboutLocal, what kind of products/tools can make it easier for businesses to address Indian-language internet users?

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