Reverie launches Prabandhak – A unique AI-powered Translation Management Hub

New Delhi: Reverie Language Technologies, leaders in comprehensive full-stack Indic language localization and user engagement solutions announces the launch of Prabandhak – India’s first AI-powered translation management hub. With the launch of Prabandhak, Reverie looks forward to tap into the USD 500 million Indic language translation industry which is annually poised to grow at 20-30%.

The current growth in demand for Indian language content will require Individual translators, Language Service Providers (LSPs) and enterprises to rapidly scale up their translation and localization efforts. Through the launch of Prabandhak, Reverie looks forward to meet the triple ‘U’ challenges

· Bring order to the Unorganised Indic Language Industry by bringing Individual translators, LSP’s and clients on one platform.

· Beat the Unpredictability in Turnaround Time (TAT), cost and quality through Reverie’s indegenous integrated Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool and Neural Machine Translation (NMT).

· Chart Unscalable heights through an AI powered Indian language translation and localization platform which can help Indian translation industry to handle large volumes of content

Unlike the mature western markets for European languages which use advanced language translation technologies; For Indian languages largely third party APIs are used by the translation industry. These third party APIs don’t work well for Indian languages. Prabandhak is an attempt to bridge this gap.

How does Prabandhak Help

Most enterprises find it difficult to get a huge volume of content translated within a reasonable time. With Prabandhak, managing large volume projects at scale and overseeing resource and workflow management is a child’s play. Prabandhak offers enterprises full transparency and control with its real-time project management dashboard by providing clear visibility of timelines, cost & accuracy.

Prabandhak helps LSPs and individual translators to easily manage large projects at scale and increase their revenue significantly. With superior translation technologies, the platform improves productivity and enables them to deliver projects up to 4 times faster by automating the translation. It also enhances accuracy by quickly proofreading the drafts, thus helping them finish projects well ahead of the delivery time.

Traditionally a translation project entails the following time-consuming processes-

· Search for the required translator. Multilingual projects might require an enterprise to reach out to multiple agencies

· Detailed Vendor evaluations including price negotiations

· Regular Follow ups to meet the project timeline

· Repetitive proof reading for the same piece of content and in multiple languages.

· Restricted file format support

Some of the features like the in-built Marketplace will help businesses to choose individual translators and LSP’s as per their budget, quality and time expectations. There is no need for follow-ups over emails or phone calls. Real-time collaboration hub helps multiple people to work on the same project simultaneously and allows the project manager to monitor progress in real time. Auto Recompile of Files helps you to keep the translated document identical to source documents, which helps in minimizing cost and TAT involved in DTP (Desktop publishing).

Commenting on the launch of Prabandhak, Arvind Pani, CEO and Co-founder Reverie Language Technologies said “Unlike the Western translation industry, the Indian language translation industry is largely unorganized. With the growing need for digital Indic content from the 536 million users, who access Internet in Indian languages, Prabandhak is our effort to help India’s individual translators, LSPs and enterprises to be ‘atmanirbhar’ by use of language technology and efficient, easy to use translation project management tools.”

Prabandhak’s unique features:

This platform is completely powered by indigenous technologies of Reverie.

· Translation Management System – Helps to automate translation project management and seamless project flow

· Computer assisted translation tool – Assists translators do their job faster and more efficiently.

· Neural Machine Translation – Accelerates translation speed and reduces translation efforts significantly

· Translation Memory – Our platform automatically suggests translated words or phrases, if the same has been translated earlier.

· Glossary – Glossaries allow translator to eliminate any doubts in the translation process and maintain consistency across project

· Transliteration – It helps to convert text like names, addresses etc from one script to another to sound the same but without translating them.

· Dictionary and spell checker – Helps to maintain quality and accuracy in translation

· Multilingual Keypad – Keypad supporting Indian languages, which helps in typing faster by giving suggestions in Indian languages

· Resource Management – This helps to manage both internal and external resources who are assigned to the projects. It assists with Resource scheduling, tracking time and team’s utilization, budgeting and in calculating KPIs like productivity and cost.

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