Rgyan App Selected at IIT Delhi Start-up Expo

New Delhi: The Rgyan app was recently selected at the IIT Delhi Startup Expo organized by the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of IIT Delhi during its Annual Business and Entrepreneurship Conclave. Its Beta version was showcased and well received by various startups and esteemed VCs including Sangam Ventures, India Accelerator, Lightspeed Ventures, Venture Catalyst, and Kieretsu Forum. The app was appreciated for being an innovative and unique social networking platform.

Unlike existing social media platforms which produce minimal thoughtful discussing, Rgyan creates a community of intellectuals and motivated individuals seeking truths about life. It is a spiritual social technology startup founded on the belief of empowerment of participation by creating a spiritual social network. It can be compared to a spiritual Instagram with a touch of Quora. Rgyan promotes thoughtful discussions on non-trivial topics necessary to find important truths about life. It expects to do so by facilitating a sharing of thoughts on subjective matters. Amidst social media sites that promote banality and silliness, Rgyan stands out as a platform where serious discussions are heard. It is available on the Android Play Store.

To use Rgyan, users can log in by creating an account using a registered phone number or explore its services as an anonymous user. The app allows users to express and share their thoughts through pictures, videos, text, GIFs, or as real-time discussions. Content shared on Rgyan is centred around spirituality, health and wellness, motivational quotes and various other pertinent topics. The Rgyan app offers the flexibility of a User Generated Content Model (UGC) with that of curated content available on Divinity, Daily Horoscope, and aggregated news on spiritual and social matters. Curated content is also available on the Rgyan web portal.

Speaking about Rgyan’s success at the IIT Delhi Startup Expo Mr. Debjit Patra, Founder and Chairman, Rgyan said “We’re thrilled at how well the Rgyan app was received at the IIT Delhi Startup Expo. The fact that key leaders from leading VCs had nothing but praise about Rgyan’s unique vision to stand out among social networking apps that devote hours on time on banality means we’ve achieved something groundbreaking. Of course, we intended to create a platform that stood apart from others using maturity of content and meaningful discussion. So, while we’re thrilled with the response we received, we’re not overwhelmed because we anticipated something like this”.