RICE UNIVERSITY: Rice University admits highest number of freshman students

Students who applied to Rice University for the fall 2021 academic year have now received the news they’ve been waiting for — the notification telling them whether they’ve been accepted for admission.

Rice received a record number of applications for the coming academic year, as just over 29,500 students applied for a spot in the 2021 freshman class. That represents a 26% increase over the previous year, an expansion that was spread broadly across the applicant pool regardless of geography, academic interest, gender, race or ethnicity.

Future Owls fall 2021“Rice saw the highest-ever increases in applications across all of our applicant pools — QuestBridge, early decision and regular decision,” said Vice President for Enrollment Yvonne Romero da Silva. “We believe that a portion of this increase can be attributed to Rice’s test-optional policy. However, we also believe that the newly revamped website and virtual programming contributed to the increased interest in Rice.”

Admission to the Class of 2025 has been offered to 2,749 applicants, representing a 9% admit rate. Students in the admitted class come from all 50 states and represent citizenships in 68 countries. This will be the largest freshmen class in Rice’s history, dovetailing with plans to increase the undergraduate population and add a newly announced undergraduate business major.

“The diversity of the class is so exciting,” said Romero da Silva. “The increase in applications brings new voices to Rice from every region of the globe. Whether it’s the admitted student from North Dakota who has close ties with her Native American community, the track and field star from New Zealand, the young lady from Maryland who comes from a single-parent home and will complete her associate’s degree with a focus on the biosciences, or the budding engineer from right here in Houston with multiple robotics wins under their belt, each student in our admitted class brings a unique voice and perspective to the Rice community coupled with incredible academic talent.”

About 20% of all admitted students applied without SAT or ACT scores in response to the test-optional policy announced in April 2020. Students were able to provide additional exams for admission consideration, including SAT subject tests, Advanced Placement exams, International Baccalaureate exams, Advanced Internatoinal Certificate of Education exams, predicted International Baccalaureate diploma scores, A-levels, PSAT scores or Pre-ACT scores. This testing policy has been extended for the 2021-2022 application cycle.

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