RICS SBE announces total Virtual Admission Process to avoid human contact

This is the institute’s own small contribution towards containing the spread of deadly Covid -19

New Delhi: In the wake of the pandemiccaused by Covid -19, RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University, has decided to make its admission process to its Built Environment courses, totally virtual to completely avoid human contact. This is the institute’s own small contribution to contain the spread of deadly Covid-19. The institute today announced a slew of online and virtual methodologies to facilitate both the pre- and post-admission processes, to ensure all round safety of prospective students, parents and its staff.

RICS SBE has categorized various sub-processes of admission procedure to its Built Environment courses and is implementing online solutions for each subprocess.
• Webinar – If you wish to know more about the programs and have related concerns & queries, you can join special Webinars.
• Skype meet – Candidates looking to connect with existing students for learning about RICS SBE experiences can connect on skype calls.
• Virtual tours – Visit the campus virtually and see every minute detail of the entire campus building and other facilities – classrooms, library, computer lab, Deans & faculty offices, cafeteria, food court, hostel, medical clinic, etc.
• e-applications – Students looking to apply for the courses can easily complete all application formalities online.
• Virtual interview – Even for admission interviews the candidates will not be required to make a physical appearance this year. They can select a date for a virtual interview and attend online interview with the management panel.
• Online result and fee payment – All results will be announced online, and the fees payment and other admission formalities can be completed online.
• Virtual meetings – for requisite interactions, the Deans, MD, Director of placements shall be available for virtual meetings.