Riidl Academy has been renamed as Somaiya School of Design, Supported by riidl


Mumbai : Riidl Academy, a 4-year full-time undergraduate program in Bachelor of Design, launched earlier this year, is now renamed as the Somaiya School of Design, Supported by riidl. The program, supported by riidl, is a constituent college of Somaiya Vidyavihar University. The undergrad program is established to nurture Design, Entrepreneurship and Innovation amongst its students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members beyond campus.

The Somaiya School of Design, Supported by riidl, offers a program for young, dynamic individuals who hone Product Design skills and practice Innovation & Entrepreneurship. This program facilitates connecting deeply with the real world to develop awareness and empathy to identify the core challenges of the world today. The Design thinking based curriculum will empower students to build physical/tangible products or screen-based products with a strong focus on User Experience, Business viability and Sustainability. We kickstarted the program with our first batch in August 2021, where the students are being guided by the best in the industry. The curriculum at Somaiya School of Design will enable students to own their learning journey, in an environment characterized by collaboration, and learning outcomes assessed by ‘Real Impact’.

This unique program delivers various methods that seek to combine classroom sessions with an intensive focus on industry knowledge through Design challenges, internships and live projects.

The distinctiveness of the program:

● Design Thinking based evolving curriculum with 4 foundational pillars – Design, Technology, Business, and Humanities

● Experiential learning – Real Design challenges, International exchange programs, Strategic partnerships and internships

● Strong focus on attributes of product design: Functionality, Aesthetics, and Sustainability

● Diverse Faculty from across the globe – experts who are passionate about teaching

● Soft skills coach to help students build Confidence, Creativity and Communication skills

● World-class Laboratories to build prototypes and special grants to support Innovation

● Thriving Design and Innovation communities on campus to stay connected & inspired

In cohesion with riidl’s mindset, Somaiya School of Design aims at providing its students & young innovators with the necessary skills and knowledge to carve a career path of their choice characterized by cutting-edge innovation, entrepreneurial thinking and solving for the real world.

Speaking about the program, Dr. Irfan N A Siddavatam, Director, Somaiya School of Design said, “Riidl Academy launched earlier this year, is now renamed as the Somaiya School of Design, Supported by riidl. It is a constituent college of Somaiya Vidyavihar University. It will carry on the legacy of Somaiya Vidyavihar and is offering a one of a kind Bachelor in a Design program.”