Ringmaster Technologies Announces Strategic Partnership with Mphasis Javelina

Mumbai:Ringmaster Technologies – a cloud-based healthcare software provider focused on simplifying and enhancing administrative processes – is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Mphasis Javelina, an industry leader in payer platform innovation and enterprise automation.

This partnership offers JavelinaTM users access to the most robust, state-of-the-art, automated Stop-Loss administration solutions that deliver enhanced and unparalleled efficiencies. Ringmaster’s Quote-LinQ and Smart-LinQ products are available to Mphasis Javelina customers for immediate procurement and implementation.

Ringmaster’s advanced software solutions have been built to modernize Stop-Loss administration by standardizing and centralizing all manual processes into one fully integrated and automated system. Ringmaster product users can witness a 40-50% reduction in the time spent on Stop-Loss RFQs and administration, an increased level of accuracy, collaboration, and reduction in administrative expense which will help them take their businesses forward, grow market share, and stay ahead of the curve in this competitive landscape.

As Mphasis Javelina continues to evolve and keep abreast of their clients’ needs and market trends, this partnership further solidifies their position as a market leader in the healthcare claims arena.

“I couldn’t be more excited to work with Mphasis Javelina again,” said Todd Roberti, CEO of Ringmaster. I am confident that the Ringmaster/Javelina partnership will succeed in providing valued change for the healthcare Stop-Loss Industry. Ringmaster’s advanced technology is uniquely designed to complement Javelina’s platform. This integration will drive efficiency and provide overall time and cost savings to Javelina clients.”

“We are excited to partner with Ringmaster during the current pandemic crisis and help alleviate some pressures businesses are currently experiencing,” said Sally Else, President, Mphasis Javelina. “Through this partnership, our customers will be able to take the innovative solutions now available and influentially differentiate themselves within the marketplace.”

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