Risa Tamura, Vice Consul of Japan in Kolkata visit to Chandra Sekhar Academy in Puri

Puri: The prestigious visit of Her Excellence Ms Risa Tamura, Vice Consul of Japan in Kolkata to the parent school of Kyoto , Japan based Indian school Chandra Sekhar Academy in Puri has its sensation felt among students, teachers & principal, committee members to celebrate it amid enthusiasm, fun & creative exchanges. It has the distinction of only school in Odisha where Japanese language & culture has been taught as an elective subject from Nursery to Senior Secondary (+2) level. She was welcome & greeted at the entrance by the Principal, Teachers & Staff in the presence of more than than 400 hilarious students from LKG to Senior Secondary (+2) level to accompany her to the Prayer & Morning Assembly class. She was overwhelmed to witness the prayer class in an eco friendly environment followed by students’ news & thought in the morning assembly. The Japanese song, ‘ Shiawase nara te wo tatakou ‘ says if you’re happy & you know it, clap your hands -mesmerized her by listening to the notes of young nymphs. She got much impressed with the conversational self-intro mimicry in Japanese language & etiquette. After expressing a bright future for the students & teachers of the school she bade adieu to step into the IT Centre (TICSA) where she was pleased to see the students were taught A-level NIELIT course which has its global exposure especially in Japan &Japanese companies. She lauded the students to have this course earliest to join for a lucrative career in Japanese companies in Japan or in India. She had a lots of fun especially with children while visiting Japanese language centre for children & adults. She was impressed by the students speaking flawless Japanese . Especially she praised Kunna Dash , International Tourism Ambassador of Kyoto for his 30-years relentless effort in making a bridge between India & Japan. She also lauded the initiation for imparting these courses under one roof augmenting early hassle-free completion. She was satisfied with the upcoming skilled youths for being hired by Japanese investors & companies having their foot-prints in Odisha. While being escorted to the Golden Triangle (Puri-Konark-Bhubaneswar) she was much rejoiced passing through long stretch of Marine Drive looking panoramic view either sides , mostly to the blue sea on her right . She also was impressed over the age-old Buddhist monuments & shrines expressing her satisfaction over world class tourism sites with their kaleidoscopic views. She was much impressed looking at Konark, the breathe taking monument with its artwork and technology. Mr Dash while briefing her about the rich mineral reserve and raw-material resources of the state hinted about the huge potentiality of skilled manpower also. She expressed her contentment over the climate, logistics of the state which could be best projected as a frontier of the South-East Asia in the fields of business and commerce along with a hub of tourism ,culture & education.

People to people access can be strengthened through festivals & cultural get togethers furthering transformation of skill and technology through investment & business tie-up , she exclaimed while briefing media. Siting the example of Chandra Sekhar Academy, IT Training Centre & Japanese Language Centre under one roof, she lauded the entrepreneurial skill of Mr Dash before media.