Rishihood University in Association with IGenPlus Announces Gap-Year Program to Transform Students’ Career Discovery & Choices

New Delhi: Rishihood a social impact university with a mission to transform the way students make career choices and decisions during the most crucial phase of their lives has announced the launch of Gap-Year Program for students post high school. The program is in association with IGenPlus, an organisation with a vision to move schooling from educating for a career to preparing for life.

Rishihood University will be serving as residential cum training ground for GAP year students. The program is a 9 month long course aiding students to explore and design their own career path post their 12th board exams. The program aims to enable students to critically assess a multitude of career options during this era of disruption.

According to a recent Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019 up to 81% of Gen Z would consider joining the gig economy and almost half of the respondents prioritize aspirations which have the possibility of making a positive impact on communities and society at large.

Gap Year Program aims to expand a student’s career horizon by facilitating students with an ‘ecosystem’ centric approach to learning rather than isolated training and research. Under the program students are provided a structured training regimen which will expose students to diverse career options, steering them towards reverse engineering their own life paths. In addition to completing a well defined year focused on holistic development, students will be awarded a certificate of completion, transferable credits and transcripts, recognized by association partners. Students will also get an opportunity to continue their education with Rishihood University.

The curriculum is a blend of activities and sessions targeted towards multidimensional academic learning. Students will gain a wholesome experience through interactions with industry experts, out of the box workshops, personality development and self-discovery, international exposure and networking opportunities, value education and much more. The program is structured in such a way that 3 months is exclusively reserved for internships and shadow programs with industry experts in order to develop the necessary hands on experience.

Speaking on the Gap-Year program, Mr. Sahil Agarwal, Co-Founder and CEO, Rishihood University said, “The initiative is a unique opportunity for students to learn and prepare themselves for the future post high school. We envision schooling to move from simply educating students about career options to developing the necessary skill sets to become lifelong career-preneurs. We strongly believe youth should build their future dreams fusing universal principles and values from our ancient wisdom with contemporary insights.”

Speaking on the Gap-Year program, Nishtha Narang who is managing the program at IGenPlus said, “The program will help students leverage this crucial time to decide the most suitable career options available to them in today’s complex work environment. We have structured the program in such a way that aspiring students can plan better academically and practically. The gap year program will enable students to optimise their decision making processes and add immense value to their holistic development.”

Applications for the Gap Year program are open now. Students who have appeared for their 12th board exams may choose to apply. For additional details on the application process applicant may visit https://igenplus.com/gap-year/