Rishihood University organises Session on “Creativity and Disruptive Innovation” to deliberate on emerging tech to augment creativity as a skill

New Delhi: Rishihood University, with a vision to reimagine higher education in India for the next 100 years, through implementation of the modern Gurukul system of learning and fostering an impact ecosystem, conducted a session on “Creativity and Disruptive Innovation” recently.

The initiative witnessed some eminent National and International speakers from the creative fraternity including, key note Speaker Ms. Sarah Atkinson, and former head of academic standards with the University of the Arts London, UK. The requirements of being creative — a quality that more higher education institutions are currently emphasizing upon, is increasingly being valued by employers as a necessary prerequisite for employment. Key focus was given on the importance of focused training, interdisciplinary inquiry, and practice-based collaborative learning.

According to WEF, creativity & emotional intelligence will emerge among the most critical skills, primarily due to the launch of new age technologies, collaborative methods of working and increasing demand for soft skills. Fortunately, attempts are being made to define creativity increasingly as a skill that can be acquired, rather than an innate ability possessed by a select few. The key theme of the session hovered around the necessity of enabling our current workforce to develop fresh insights towards open-ended challenges, and confidently navigate an uncertain career path in creativity with agility and advanced critical thinking skills.

The session was also graced by the presence of, Ms. Promil Pandey owner Siddhast, Korea, Ms. Anupama Singh- Ministry of handicrafts, India, Ms. Ruma Mallik, Vice Chairman Buying Agents Association, India, Mr. Mahesh Borse – Association of Designers of India, Prof. Mike Knowles -Professor Emeritus, School of Creativity, Rishihood University.

Elaborating on the meet, Prof. Manika Walia, Dean School of Creativity, Rishihood University, said, “There is an ever and dynamic relationship between creativity and technology. Artificial intelligence reinforces the value of human creativity showcasing that it is a profoundly human endeavour. Emerging technologies, especially AI and machine learning (ML), continue to evolve rapidly, and promise to fundamentally change the ways in which we work and will aid in fostering a new era of creativity. In this scenario of transit, creative designers have a key role to play in the coming years”

In the first phase Rishihood University has commenced admission for the following courses:

School of Creativity

B.DES, M.DES, BVA, BA, Design Fellowship

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