RMIT: Award-winning costume designer visits RMIT

Visiting Melbourne as part of the film launch for Elvis, Martin took the time to look at the students’ own designs and answer some burning questions they had around fashion design in the film industry.

The students asked questions about the role fashion plays in film and how to break into and make it in the film and fashion industry.

Best known for her showstopping designs in Moulin Rouge! and The Great Gatsby, Martin spoke in depth about the intricate detail and research that goes into refining and perfecting costumes for era-specific films. She emphasised the important role fashion and textiles play in making a movie truly authentic.

Also on the panel was Elvis producer Schuyler Weiss and RMIT’s Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor of Learning and Teaching in the School of Design and Social Context Robyn Healy and Associate Lecturer in Fashion and Textiles Mandy Nichols.

Nichols, who has worked closely with Martin in the costume department for films, Australia and The Great Gatsby, was honoured to chair the panel with Martin, saying students left feeling inspired and open to pathways and career possibilities within the specialisation of costume.

“Catherine discussed her work in costume as well as her creative collaborations across fashion and interiors, providing valuable insights into the collaborative process and how the skills our students are learning are transferrable and relevant across creative disciplines,” Nichols said.

“Catherine’s insight and encouraging advice to our students around mindset and the kind of dedication and discipline required to become a specialist within the creative industries was a key takeaway from our discussion,” she said.

RMIT is a global leader in fashion and textiles education. Our programs are internationally recognised, with graduates making an impact across the world.

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