RMIT: Digital transformation for SMEs: report

The report, Digital transformation for SMEs: Key lessons from the pandemic (PDF 1.5M), published by RMIT Europe  shares insights from industry leaders and international academics on the impact of COVID-19 on digital transformation and the importance of upskilling and reskilling for a successful transition.

Report contributors include industry leaders such as the Director of International Development and Public Programmes at Eurecat, the largest technology centre in Catalonia, and the Business Director UK, Europe and MENA of BrandsEye, a global data technology business consultancy.

Spearheaded by RMIT’s Global Business Innovation Enabling Capability Director Professor Anne-Laure Mention, Associate Professor Andrey Molotnikov and RMIT Europe’s Executive Director Dr Marta Fernandez, the report showcases examples of SMEs adopting new technologies during the pandemic and the benefits associated with these innovations.

It also highlights some of the key lessons SMEs can use to shift consumer behaviour.

Highlights from the report:
Digital transformation is not just about technology. Putting people at the centre and facilitating the acquisition of digital skills is key for a successful transition. Companies will have to address the challenges around hybrid models of working and global teams working in multiple locations.
Changes in the market as a result of the pandemic. During the pandemic there have been many developments for business. As a result, SMEs have accelerated the implementation of digital technologies in their day-to-day business activities. 
Consumer behaviour and sentiment changed as a result of the pandemic. SMEs can be more agile and react quickly to changes in customer demands and needs compared to large enterprises.

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