RMIT: RMIT and The Capitol in the spotlight for Melbourne Design Week

Commencing Friday 26 March, Melbourne Design Week (MDW) will run for 11 days with RMIT at the heart of more than 50 events.

Since launching in 2017, Melbourne Design Week has grown to over 300 events in 2021 making it Australia’s largest international design event.

This year’s theme is ‘design the world you want’ exploring how design is tackling some of the biggest challenges of tomorrow.

There are installations, exhibitions, lectures, launches, talks and films from across all areas of RMIT’s College of Design and Social Context (DSC).

RMIT is ranked number 1 in Australia and Asia-Pacific and 15th globally for Art and Design, with the University officially the NGV Design Partner and major partner for Melbourne Design Week.

Melbourne Design Week. 300+ exhibitions, talks, tours and workshops across Victoria and online.
DVC Design and Social Context Tim Marshall said that Melbourne Design Week had inspired many people at RMIT to think about how to create a better, healthier future.

“It is hard to think of a theme that might resonate more with Victorians at this point in our history than ‘Design the World You Want’, the focus of this year’s Melbourne Design Week,” Marshall said.

See the gamut of RMIT involved events here.

Green Renaissance
When: 26 March, 27 March, 28 March, 30 March, 1 April, 2 April, 3 April, 4 April.

Green Renaissance is a dystopian speculation about the future of food and farming.Green Renaissance is a dystopian speculation about the future of food and farming.
The world relies on quality topsoil to grow 95 percent of our food.

But intensive farming practices and human activity mean that in 60 years, the world could run out of the vital non-renewable resource.

Green Renaissance is a dystopian exploration of the future of food and farming in 2090. Below is an excerpt from their event listing:

‘There’s levitating organic structures controlled by artificial intelligence to avoid contamination from our toxic environment, ensuring the survival of the human race in a land made barren by our own doing.’

The exhibition is designed by RMIT’s Master of Design Innovation and Technology students Shanshan Wei, Mengke Lian and Haonan Ma, building on the design studio led by Dr Ollie Cotsaftis.

The exhibition is at the Queen Victoria Market via Queen Street, with a supplementary event at The Capitol on 1 April as a platform for a conversation on the future of food and farming.

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