RMIT: The voices behind RISING’s choir costumes

Wearing Li’s costumes are the Night Chorus, a choir singing ‘80s and ‘90s hits while overlooking the Rinky Dink – RISING’s ice-skating rink at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl main stage.

“Imagine ice skating through a musical time warp with the likes of Freddie Mercury, Whitney Houston and Kylie Minogue,” Li said.

Li’s inspiration comes from Beat Zoderer’s work, Squaring the Circle.

“[Squaring the Circle] worked with a zero-waste design method and used two styles, a pattern entirely from a square and a circle cut out from a square.”

“I wanted to harness that and create costumes that were otherworldly and futuristic.”

Zhang’s costumes, worn by The Siphonophores, embody the chaotic but mindful mindlessness of life in The Wilds.

“I also employed a zero-waste concept, using a full rectangular piece of fabric (both satin and tulle) and inserted elastic to help shape it for different body shapes,” Zhang said.

“My inspiration came from the movement of jellyfish, and I chose fluoro colours to give brightness and light in the dark.”

RMIT’s School of Fashion & Textiles provided Li and Zhang the support, guidance, and facilities to help make their ideas a reality, something both alums are grateful for.

“My lecturers introduced my work to the Creative Producer of RISING and having specialty machineries and access to studio space made the project possible,” Li said.

“I couldn’t have completed this project without the assistance of my lecturers and team within the tight 3-week timeframe,” Zhang said.