RMIT University, Australia, presented for the first time, the Global Extension Studies program to Indian school students

New Delhi: RMIT becomes the first university globally to roll out the free six-week course, covering the basics of programming design, principles and development in Python through its unique Global Extension Studies program.

RMIT’s Global Extension Studies offers international students an opportunity to experience an Australian education virtually.

Started in mid-December 2020 and finished at the end of January 2021, the course enrolled over 80 high students from 14 schools in India.

RMIT’s introduction to the programming course, delivered online and free-of-charge, gave Indian students a taste of RMIT’s world-class education, which is among the world’s top 150 universities in Computer Science and Information Systems (QS World Rankings by Subject).  It covered a range of topics relating to Python programming, including variables and expressions, branching, loops, functions, strings, modules and more.

With the completion of the ‘Introduction to Programming’, Global Extension Studies, provided students with one subject of credit towards Bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology at RMIT University, saving their time and money on undergraduate studies.

“The course focussed on a top-quality programming design and provided high school students experiential learning with hands-on experience. It was fully browser-based and didn’t require any expensive software or technology. The textbook used in the course is fully online and interactive, so the students can engage with the programming exercises without expensive program development platforms”, said Santha Sumanasekara, programme director, School of Computing Technologies, RMIT.

He added, “Such courses are the need of the hour as we can’t neglect the power of IT/computing/programming in the post-COVID-19 Era. Such courses and respective career path/s will benefit students in a World in five years or maximum a decade from now, when the car will be driven driver free (just to give an example).”

Students used an online interactive textbook and the online coding platform for hands-on experience in programming.  As a part of the course, they also created a text-based interactive adventure-type game.

Aspirants in IT field and high achieving students can look forward to a completion certificate, scholarships with a maximum of 20% waiver on tuition fee to study at RMIT University, along with possible internship opportunities and selection for summer school programmes in India.

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