Robotics workshop organized for students at DPS-RNE, Ghaziabad


Ghaziabad: Students at DPS-RNE gathered on Friday to participate in the Robotics workshop organized by the school. Primary class students from class 3rd to class 8th participated in the robotics training with great zeal and enthusiasm. The event began with some of the basics of robotics.

The programme encourages the students to ideate, imagine, design and create where they made different robots that they build, accessorize and code to perform the tasks. Visitors at the event got to see the students’ creativity and complex problem-solving abilities, and learned how they were able to create robots with the characteristics to perform a wide range of function.

Pallavi Upadhyaya, Principal, DPS-RNE, Ghaziabad said, “The main idea of robot training is to introduce students with the technological world and inspire them about Robotics. Today there is a great demand for professionals in the related areas wherein our vision is to provide quality education keeping in minds the methodologies and interest between the students.”

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