Rolls Royce President – India & South Asia Addressed The Students At Amity University Haryana

Gurgaon: A large number of freshers and their parents were present at the last day of Orientation Ceremony at Amity University campus today. Four days (25th to 28th July) orientation program includes familiarization with the academic process with the teaching and learning environment, examination system and many other processes. During the orientation, experts from the industry and corporate interacted with the freshers to provide them with the glimpses of latest trends and also to sensitize the students with the work ethics and professional challenges they will face. The theme of Orientation Programme 2017 is “Learning Beyond Knowledge”.
Talent Hunt programme was also organized for the freshers to find out the hidden talent of students.
Mr Kishore Jayaraman, President – India & South Asia delivered his lecture on the last day of Orientation Ceremony and shared an overview of Rolls Royce technologies advancements, innovations and his life experiences with the students. While addressing the students Mr Jayaraman said “students, you need to believe in three things i.e Change, Challenge and Choose. You need to change the way you think, the way you live and the way you do anything. You need to challenge yourself every now and then, and the last one is Choose. You need to be very careful with your choices. If you don’t choose your things, your life will choose on your behalf.”
Freshers are motivated and guided to adopt the spirit of innovation and creative research. An open house was also organized for the freshers and their parents to oversee the cutting edge research and innovations happening at the Amity University.
Prof P B Sharma inspired the freshers to Learn beyond knowledge and develops themselves as the responsible citizen of the globalite world. He also reminded them that education shall have no meaning unless they develop a positive attitude compassion and humility as there human values and make a firm resolve to utilize their knowledge to solving the pressing problems of this country.
Vice Chancellor Prof. Sharma also advised the freshers to strictly adhere to the call of discipline and decorum, practice self discipline and help implement zero tolerance ragging policy of Amity University.
Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Padmakali Banerjee, Mr S Sengupta, Registrar, Maj Gen G S Bal (Retd.), Dean of Student Welfare, Mr Rakesh Singh, Director, Corporate Resource Center(CRC), Mr Ankur Gupta, Deputy Director, CRC, Dr Ranjana Kothari, Mr Manoj, head of the institutions and the member of the faculty in good numbers were present during orientation at Amity University Haryana.